Dentures Supported Implants

If you have loose dentures you have come to the right place to get better ones. Do you want to eat better and have secure dentures? Then look no further, Eternal Smiles Dental Centre will provide you with an effective alternative to dentures.

Patients want secure denture supported implants to eat and talk better.  They have little bone in their jaws to prevent their existing denture from moving.  They have lost confidence in their dentures and want an alternative solution now.

For cost-effective treatment ask us for an denture supported implants which is tighter fitting than regular dentures.

Patients want secure
denture supported implants
to eat and talk better.

Denture supported implants perform better than dentures making them a preferred choice.

Our dentist has many years of experience to placing implants. Rest assured you will have a great dentist with superb expertise.

We welcome you to get a better alternative to the dentures you have.

Dentures Supported Implants

“I was nervous about the Denture supported implants procedure then I met Dr Singh. I was put at ease.  All stages were explained well.  Your team is very nice.   The care I received was first class.    Now I can enjoy my foods with confidence.”


Who can benefit from Dentures Supported Implants?

If you are not happy with your conventional dentures because they do not fit properly or they slip when you are speaking, then implant supported dentures are an ideal option for you. This is because the implants provide a sound foundation for the dentures, thereby improving your chewing and speech efficiency. However, for having your teeth replaced with an implant supported prosthesis, you must have sufficient density and thickness of the residual jaw bone available, so that it can hold the implants firmly in place.

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How Dentures Supported Implants Supported
Prostheses Work?

Implant supported denture are prepared from the same pink colored acrylic that is used for the fabrication of conventional dentures. The artificial teeth that are used on these dentures are made from acrylic or porcelain. The internal surface of the denture base contains attachments whose corresponding part is present on the implant. In this way, when the denture is seated over the implants, both these corresponding attachments fit into each other perfectly, thereby preventing the denture from moving or slipping.

Dentures Supported Implants

For dentures, we can place denture supported implants into the bone and leave them for 3 months.

Once the implants have good bone support we can then start to make the denture to stick to the implants.

Types of implant supported overdentures

Fabrication procedure of implant supported prostheses is divided into two phases. The first phase involves the extraction of grossly decayed or infected teeth, followed by healing of the extraction site and placement of dental implants which will support the dentures. In the next phase, preparation of the dentures is carried out in the conventional way. The only difference is that these dentures contain bar or ball-shaped sockets of the precision attachments.

  • Initial Consultation and Treatment Planning – not all dental patients are candidates for getting implants. To assess your eligibility, your dentist will perform a detailed clinical examination, and will study your medical and dental records. If you’re dentist feels that you are a suitable candidate, a detailed treatment plan will be devised for replacing your missing teeth with implant supported dentures.
  • Tooth extraction -following the removal of all remaining teeth, a 4 month healing period will be needed to allow the bone to regenerate and this is followed by a CT scan to evalute the condition of the bone. A temporary denture will be provided after tooth extraction and this will be worn until the very end of the treatment.
  • Implant Insertion – the next step involves the surgical placement of the implants under local anesthesia. Your dentist will drill a hole inside the jaw bone after incising through the overlying soft tissues and raising a surgical flap. Next, the implant will be screwed into position by applying precise and controlled forces. Once the implant is inserted into place, healing collars will be placed over them and the surgical flap will be sutured back to its position. This is followed by a healing period of 3-4-9 months.
  • Placing the abutments – after about 14 days of placement of healing screws, they will be removed and replaced with abutments. Your dentist will then make an impression of your teeth which will be sent to the laboratory for fabrication of the overdenture. Once the overdentures are received from the laboratory, they are attached to the implants with the help of a precision attachment system.

How would denture supported implants benefit me?

  • an implant-supported denture is more stable than your regular denture
  • enables you to speak more easily
  • less worry that  your denture may become loose or fall out of the mouth at the dinner table
  • you will be able to eat more of the types of foods you enjoy
  • it feels more natural than a regular denture because the denture part in your palate no longer covers the roof of your mouth.

Based on the attachment system, or precision attachment used, implant supported dentures can be divided into two types:

  • Bar-retained overdentures – in these types of implant supported dentures, a metallic bar is placed over the implants. The internal surface of the denture is designed in such a way that it snuggly fits into the bar when it is inserted.
  • Ball-retained overdentures – in this type of prosthesis, each implant contains a ball-ended metal (male) attachment. Similarly, the fitting surface of the denture contains (female) sockets that with ball-ended attachments and firmly hold the denture.

“I had dentures which were loose.  These were made a couple of months ago by another dentist.   Dr Singh recommended that I have implants to secure and stabilise my dentures.  Now after the procedure, I am able to eat well again.”                                  Adam

For denture supported implants we will:

  • Make your dentures look, feel and function like your own natural teeth
  • Restore your natural speech and taste (no need for a false denture palate)
  • Stimulate the tissue in your jawbone to maintain your facial structures, helping you look younger longer
  • Do away with the need for denture adhesives
  • Eliminate the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures

“I had a set of dentures made recently at my last dentist and they were still not tight enough to bite with.  Dr Singh recommended that I have implants to eat better.  Now after the procedure, I am able to enjoy food.”  


Denture supported implants Stabilisation

When there is minimal gum and bone left, making successful dentures can be very difficult as there is little keeping them in the mouth. Having a couple of dental implants placed and corresponding clips or studs placed in a denture can completely change your experience with dentures

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